Spate - A Steampunk Platformer

Kickstarter’s seem to be helping every indie game get off the ground these days. And why not? I think it’s a great program and will really help the games that gamers want made come to fruition. Spate happens to be one of those games.

A nice 2D platformer that takes a little bit of Limbo and a little bit of Super Mario Bros and mashes them together to make a rainy and gloomy Steampunk environment with robot poop, and possibly Absinthe induced hallucinations. What could be more fun?

As the video describes, you play Detective Bluth, a private investigator who’s been commisioned to track a husband and his latest whereabouts. You track him to a place called the X-zone where things are just a bit out of wack, and quite dangerous.

With the fantastic use of realistic rag doll physics, backed by an amazing art style and backdrop, this game seems like it could get off the ground. If you are interested in helping this game make it out of the X-zone, then grab your umbrella and make your way to their Kickstarter page and donate.

Mark Renna // Super PolyPixel

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