SNK Playmore’s Neo Geo X Handheld Gets Real

Previously unconfirmed, but pretty certain, the Neo Geo X got an official website today and a worldwide release window. This little beauty is coming out in the very specific Q2 of 2012. As for the website, it’s nothing much but a way to receive future information about the product.

Looking like an iPhone 4, the handheld comes with 20 classics built in. It features 2 gigs of internal storage, a 4.3” screen and a 2200mAh battery. Plus ports for SD expansion, AV output, and of course headphones.

Think you can stomach another handheld? I know I can. I’m kind of disappointed the handheld won’t support the original AES cartridges. You know, so we can lug around another Sega Nomad.

Tim O’Rourke // Super PolyPixel


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    it looks sexy but really steep price. I’d lean towards a openPandora (emulates all MAMEs, CPS2, CPS3, Neo Geo N64 etc)
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    omg neo geo x! what you children know about neo geo?!? must have this. please!
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